Asbestos Removal Gloucester

Asbestos removal Gloucester is essential for all properties.


Here at Ledbury Surveys Ltd we complete home domestic removal and office removal. Hence, every clients’ property is in the best possible condition after our service. In addition to removals, a number of other services are available to assess and manage your property.

Whether you are refurbishing your current property, demolishing or renovating, the substance could always be present. You can complete removals at any time necessary, allowing all work to begin immediately. You are given full assurance of health and safety with our team. From here, we prevent any danger to you and the rest of your property.

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Several Asbestos

Commercial and Domestic Removal

This fibrous material is a big problem for all properties. Whether this is in your home or workplace and especially in schools, hospitals and other similar properties. There are several asbestos surveys our team have available, identifying the asbestos types present in your property. From here, asbestos removal Gloucester is a quick process. As the material has several dangers, it is important to find a quick solution.

Our office removals will give you a full survey of your building, assessing every aspect of the property. Using the best equipment, we  find any signs before a safe removal. There are three main types which are found in properties, including:

  • Amosite
  • Chrysotile
  • Crocidolite

Sometimes, it can be present in your property without causing any risks. However, if you are planning construction or demolition, it could activate. Furthermore,  you potentially cause a chemical reaction which may lead to various illnesses to anyone around. Use of the susbtance was banned in 1999 and if you are still worried about this being in your home, a fast asbestos removal should be completed.

Before completing our removals, there are several services that we complete to check whether the property does have asbestos. This includes air testing and there are also many health and safety processes and risk assessments. Ledbury Surveys Ltd also offer awareness training. This helps all clients identify when risks are present and when removals will be required.

Asbestos can lead to several illnesses and is potentially life threating. By improving the health and safety of every property, we can identify if it is present and offer fast asbestos removal.

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Gloucester and The Surrounding Areas

Gloucester is a large city and the county town of Gloucestershire, located close to the border of Wales. With a population of over 129,000, it is an area our team are always happy to work in. It is an easy location to visit, being located very close to the M5 as well as the A40. Our team can always offer a fast response and reach your location at a suitable time for you.

Gloucester is a large area home to several points of interest, making it a great location to live and visit. Just some of the most famous attractions include Gloucester Docks, The Museum of Gloucester, Jet Age Museum and Gloucester Cathedral. There are many places to stay and eat throughout the city, making it a fantastic area to visit for all ages.

Ledbury Surveys Ltd are always happy to work throughout Gloucester and can provide a fast response being located just a short distance from the city. We have always worked throughout Gloucester since being established over 20 years ago and want to continue growing our client base here by providing a dependable service.

About Ledbury Surveys Ltd

Ledbury Surveys Ltd have over 20 years of experience in the industry working with many clients across a range of industries and property types. Regardless of what signs you have or what services you require, we can always meet your expectations with safe surveys and removals for all clients. Offering a number of services, we aim to give you a personal service, preventing any further problems with construction or demolition.

Since our establishment, we have been committed to asbestos and health and safety consultancy. We always use the latest methods and equipment to safely assess your property, whilst always adhering to health and safety regulations and meeting industry standards.

You will also be given a fast response by our team, allowing removals to be booked quickly and giving you a fast solution to any problems you encounter. We are fully qualified and accredited members of Construction line and CSCS, as well as having many other health and safety qualifications.

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