Asbestos Services In Coventry

At Ledbury Surveys Ltd we understand the critical importance of ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your property in Coventry. With our comprehensive range of asbestos services, including removal, testing, and inspection, we provide expert solutions to address any concerns related to asbestos. Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering reliable and professional services that prioritise the well-being of our clients. Learn more about our specialised asbestos services in Coventry. For more details about our specialised asbestos services in Coventry that we offer to our customers, give us a call today on 01684 303 470.

Asbestos Removal in Coventry:

Our team of skilled technicians specialises in safe and efficient asbestos removal. We adhere to strict regulations and industry best practices to minimise the risk of asbestos fibre release during the removal process. With our expertise and advanced equipment, we ensure the complete elimination of asbestos from your property in Coventry.

Asbestos Testing in Coventry:

Ledbury Surveys Ltd provides thorough asbestos testing in Coventry to accurately identify the presence of asbestos in your property. Our qualified professionals conduct comprehensive sampling and laboratory analysis to determine the type and concentration of asbestos fibers. This information is crucial for making informed decisions about asbestos management.

Coventry in West Midlands, England.
Asbestos, dangerous work on the roof

Asbestos Inspections

Our asbestos inspection services in Coventry involve a detailed assessment of your property to identify areas where asbestos may be present. Our experts conduct thorough inspections, including visual assessments and sampling, to provide you with a comprehensive report outlining the condition of asbestos-containing materials and recommendations for their management or removal.
Our team also offer surveys and inspections to assess the current condition of your property. Furthermore, we test the substance in any area of your property, including roofing, flooring, pipes and insulation. Whilst it may not be active, it could cause problems in the future. This makes asbestos removal Coventry vital for all properties.

For more details about the services that we offer to our customers, give us a call today on 01684 303 470.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring substance that was extensively used in the construction industry until its banning in 1999. This was due to health issues caused by exposure to Asbestos. There is a genuine need for Asbestos Testing in Coventry due to its involvement in the British motor industry and the many manufacturing locations there. Asbestos Surveys, coupled with Asbestos Testing and Asbestos Removal in Coventry is very much required as the material can still be found in buildings constructed before the year 2000.

“We offer fast, trusted and safe asbestos survey, testing & removal in Coventry, West Midlands and nearby areas whilst adhering to safety rules and regulations.”

We will carry out an Asbestos Survey in Coventry to establish the location of asbestos in the building(s). Samples will be carefully collected and sent away for testing.

Why hire Ledbury Surveys Ltd for your asbestos removal in Coventry / asbestos testing in Coventry /asbestos survey in Coventry?

We are a well-established company, and our surveyors are not only fully trained, but have over 20 years of relevant experience. Guidelines are strictly followed. We offer affordable Asbestos removal in Coventry. Your property is managed with the due care an attention that is required.

So if you need an Asbestos Survey in Coventry, Asbestos Removal in Coventry or an Asbestos Testing in Coventry, call us today so that we can discuss your requirements.

Types of Surveys

In addition to asbestos removal, we provide surveys, inspections, testing, audits and full assessments of every property. Therefore, identifying and locating the substance on any property, before making a safe removal or putting management plans in place to prevent it spreading or becoming active. The two types of surveys available are:

  • Management Survey
  • Demolition/ Refurbishment Survey

Management surveys are used to locate the presence and extent of materials containing asbestos in your property. They will evaluate whether this could be disturbed, assessing its condition and whether any action should be taken. Management surveys will also involve minor work for sampling and analysis to confirm the presence and if this can not be done, materials are presumed to contain it.

Refurbishment and demolition surveys are a legal requirement for many properties within the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. Before any refurbishment or demolition takes place, a survey should be completed. Fully investigating whether refurbishment and demolition is safe, this will prevent dangers of abestos being released. Without these surveys fibrous material could become active.

Both surveys will identify whether your property contains the substance,  delivering a detailed report on the possible solutions for the building. If you only require management surveys, plans can be put in place to maintain its current condition where it causes no harm. However, removal will be needed if you are looking to complete renovations and demolitions.

Close-up Dirty Moldy Corrugated Roof
Old weather-beaten roof cladding made from waved asbestos-cement sheets

Coventry & The Local Area

Coventry is a large city located in the West Midlands, having historically been part of the county of Warwickshire. With a population of over 360,000 people, it’s the 9th largest city in England and 12th in the UK. Being located close to several main roads, including the A45, A46, M45 and M6, it is an easy area to travel to. We always organise a suitable time for asbestos removal, without large delays in Coventry.

As one of the largest cities throughout the entire UK, Coventry is home to several fantastic landmarks and attractions. It is now a popular city for locals and visitors. Some of the most famous points of interest include Coventry Transport Museum, Coventry Cathedral and Coombe Abbey Country Park.

Since our establishment over 20 years ago, Ledbury Surveys Ltd have always provided services here. We aim to be the first choice for all clients located in Coventry, with a fast and efficient response.

Why Choose Us?

Ledbury Surveys Ltd are fully qualified to complete all surveys and removal. With over 20 years in the industry and 10 years dedicated solely to asbestos health and consultancy, we have a great understanding of all types and can find the best solution for every client. Our service is always completed to the highest possible standard, meeting all health and safety regulations and delivering quality surveys to every client.

Our team have built a fantastic reputation and will ensure your property meets all legal requirements. We also adhere to NEBOSH Health and Safety in addition to carrying out approved surveys. You will receive the highest accuracy and detail in all property reports.

With a quick response and quote for all asbestos removal Coventry, you can depend on us for a personal and professional service. We remove and dispose of all affected materials in a safe and responsible way, preventing any pollution or damage to your property.

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