Asbestos Floor Tile Removal Services

Asbestos floor tile removal, whether for commercial or residential purposes, is always safest when done by fully trained asbestos professionals like us. We have the necessary training, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and equipment to prevent asbestos exposure and following all specific HSE regulations and guidelines to prevent contamination. DIY asbestos floor tile removal or asbestos ceiling removal is never recommended, and it is better to leave tasks like this to professionals who will take all necessary health and safety precautions during the removal and will ensure the asbestos waste is disposed of in accordance with Environment Agency regulations.

What exactly are asbestos tiles? And why is asbestos floor tile removal necessary?
Asbestos floor tiles were once popular for flooring, especially under carpets, due to its ability to act as a damp-proof membrane, insulation, strength and durability. Asbestos fibres were commonly combined with materials like vinyl and cement to create ceiling and floor tiles as early as the 1920s and as late as the 1990s. They could be found in homes and commercial buildings. Work with asbestos of any type can be dangerous and inhaling asbestos fibres can potentially lead to several serious and damaging diseases.

Is it safe to remove yourself?
It is always recommended to seek professional help with asbestos floor tile removal. However, if you decide to remove it yourself, we recommend working in accordance with the HSE Asbestos Essentials A23 guidance.

Please also note the following potential hazards:
1. If all the vinyl flooring is removed flawlessly, the bitumen adhesive material used underneath may still contain asbestos and we would recommend either removal or the more economical solution of encapsulation.
2. If the flooring is broken into small pieces whilst being removed, it has essentially now been converted into friable asbestos material, which can readily release respirable asbestos fibres into the air.

You will require Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to avoid asbestos contamination and must follow stringent procedures to avoid contamination of the building and yourself. Although asbestos vinyl tiles removal is non licensed asbestos removal and any contractor can remove the material, it is highly recommended that asbestos professionals are engaged to undertake the works as they will have the necessary training, work procedures, equipment and insurance (It should be noted that Asbestos Insurance is no longer included in General Contractors Insurance Policies). Private property owners are permitted to remove non-licensed ACMs, but this is never recommended unless fully conversant with the necessary methods and procedures for working with asbestos.

Prior to removing asbestos flooring, it is strongly recommended to check local authority requirements for removal and disposal of asbestos. It should be noted that if you engage a contractor for removal/disposal they must be licensed waste carriers.

What equipment is required for the safe asbestos floor tile removal?
1. Specially designed and labelled hazardous waste bags with the relevant UN identification symbols for disposal.
2. Wipes, damp rags and/or a certified industrial vacuum with a HEPA filter for asbestos removal should be used to clean the work area and tools.
3. Spray bottle with a mixture of multi surfactant and water will allow the ACMs to remain wet and prevent dust from being released into the air. Flooring and adhesives should remain damp.
4. Disposable type 5 suit, FFP3 respirator, disposable gloves and wipe clean boots (without laces) should be worn and cleaned down / disposed of as asbestos waste on completion of the works.
5. Suitable polythene disposable sheets must be used to cover windows, doors and vents and any other items that cannot be removed from the work area. All heating and air-conditioning should be switched off.

Overlaying the floor with latex self levelling compound is recommended where asbestos bitumen adhesive residue is still in place as a cheaper and suitable compromise to the more expensive grinding of the floor to remove all of the bitumen adhesive using HEPA filtered extractor units.

Why choose Ledbury Surveys Ltd for asbestos floor tile removal?
Not only are we leading professionals in asbestos management and asbestos removal, but our skilled team aim to ensure customer satisfaction throughout the process. Whether you are looking for asbestos floor or cement ceiling tile removal for a residential or commercial property, our leading professionals will carry out all the legal requirements for managing, removing, and disposing of the asbestos at a budget-friendly price.