Professional Asbestos Removal

Ledbury Surveys Ltd provides asbestos removal services at affordable prices in Ledbury, and the surrounding areas. Our commitment and total dedication to customer services and of course our personalised approach is guaranteed to please every one of our valued customers. All of our asbestos removal work is carried out following the current HSE (Health and Safety Executive) standards, for your added peace of mind.

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Before the dangers of asbestos were made known, asbestos was used largely throughout the UK as a multipurpose insulating material as well as a reinforcement agent in various building products. There are all kinds of asbestos, which all require different removal techniques. The team at Ledbury Surveys Ltd can help with all of your asbestos removal services.

Ledbury Surveys Ltd have a proven track record for delivering an efficient asbestos removal service to both domestic and commercial clients throughout. Whether you simply require some sound advice or are in need of a complete solution, Ledbury Surveys Ltd will work to the same high standards, following every regulation relevant to the sector.

Asbestos Removal Services – Operating out of offices in Hereford, Ledbury and Worcester, our team also carry out surveys nationally with a large portion of our work concentrated within Birmingham and the West Midlands. We offer a large array of asbestos services including:

  • Asbestos Surveys
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Asbestos Management Plans
  • Potential Cost and Removal Advice
  • Asbestos Awareness Training
  • Asbestos Air Tests
  • Demolition Advice and Contract Supervision
  • Plus much more…

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Our range of skills, qualifications and knowledge allows us to provide the highest quality of surveying, management, and occupational competence both on and offsite.
Whether you have a residential or commercial property, Ledbury Services Ltd is committed to quality customer service for all customers and ensures effective lead and asbestos removal.

The asbestos management survey undertaken for your property will detail the requirements for the management and removal of asbestos if found to be in an unsafe state of repair or likely to cause problems in the future. Our lead and asbestos removal work follows the current HSE (Health and Safety Executive) guidelines, and our expert work will leave you satisfied with the safety of your environment.

Why is asbestos dangerous? Why is lead dangerous?

The consequences of inhalation of asbestos fibres and lead dust particles and the importance of effective lead and asbestos removal during renovation/construction works.

Prior to the effective management and removal of asbestos, it was widely used as a multipurpose material for insulation and as a reinforcement agent in products such as pipe insulation, electrical insulation within circuit breakers and night storage heaters, cement roof sheets and vinyl floor tiles to name but a few. However, materials containing asbestos that have been damaged or disturbed can cause the asbestos to release respirable fibres into the air which can cause long term damage. Once inhaled by people living or working in those environments, they can cause serious, and often life-threatening, diseases, such as asbestosis, mesothelioma, pleural plaques and lung cancer. These diseases often take a long time to develop, but once detected, it can be too late to recover. This is why it is important to protect yourself now and have an effective management and removal of asbestos – something we at Ledbury Services Ltd are experts in.

Asbestos can be discovered in any residential or industrial building that was built or reconstructed before the year 2000 in various places from pipe lagging, loose fill insulation, textured decorative coating, asbestos cement water tanks and vinyl floor tiles to gutters, soffits, asbestos cement roofs and panels and roofing felt. Due to the dangers posed, careful and regulated management and removal of asbestos is required, and you should always consider seeking professional help instead of DIY removal. It is important to check local guidelines on DIY lead and asbestos removal and, if you decide you would like to do it yourself, you must collect all the necessary equipment and follow special guidelines to avoid an uncontrolled release of hazardous materials in the building. For more information on safety and equipment, click…(click through to asbestos removal page

In addition, lead is common in construction work environments, used for things like roof flashings, pipework and older types of paint. Exposure has been linked to kidney disease and anaemia, as well as several occupational cancers. We understand that lead may be required in certain structures, but lead, and asbestos, removal would be required if their presence poses any potential health risk. It is a requirement to identify and remove these materials if they are likely to be disturbed as part of any refurbishment or demolition project.

Not only will we effectively manage and remove lead and asbestos that is presently posing health risks, but our 20+ years’ experience in this field is a testament to our dedication and effective execution of asbestos surveys, testing and removals.