Asbestos Services

With a number of asbestos services available, Ledbury Surveys Ltd ensure all properties manage asbestos correctly. Asbestos removal is not always necessary even if it is present in a building and we can always find the most cost-effective option for your needs, whilst guaranteeing safety for commercial and domestic properties.

Regardless of which services we provide, you can be assured of the highest standard of work, always meeting health and safety regulations. Asbestos could be found in any property constructed before the year 2000 and having a survey is a fast and simple way to test your property correctly for asbestos.

Asbestos Services Available

Ledbury Surveys Ltd offer a comprehensive list of asbestos services and can always identify what asbestos type is present in a property and if any actions needs to be taken. Our team are also available for advice and consultancy if you need more information on your asbestos issues. Just some of the services that we have available include:

  • All Levels of Asbestos Surveys
  • Asbestos Abatement Including Removal & Disposal of Licensable & Non-Licensable ACM
  • Asbestos Air Testing
  • Asbestos Awareness Training
  • Asbestos Management Plans
  • Demolition Advice & Contract Supervision
  • Potential Cost & Removal Advice
  • Providing CDM (Construction Design Management) Co-ordinators
  • Tender & Bid Advice

These are just some of the services we have available to survey, test, inspect and remove all types of asbestos. In addition to this, we will also complete safety audits, inspections, risk assessments and reviews to ensure safety is at a maximum within every property and that asbestos will cause no issues.

Asbestos Safety & Legalities

Asbestos can be very dangerous and potentially life-threatening as it causes several different lung conditions including lung cancer. If asbestos is disturbed but not removed correctly, it can release asbestos micro fibres that cause such a large problem to anyone. Asbestos was completely banned for use in 1999, meaning any buildings built before 2000 could still contain this substance.

Our asbestos services will thoroughly inspect and test every property and since the Control of Asbestos Regulation Act 2012, it is now a legal requirement to have an asbestos management plan in place for commercial buildings. This ensures asbestos never becomes a risk and whilst it may not always be relevant, it maximises your safety in any building.

Our team have over 20 years of experience working with asbestos and will always complete approved safety audits such as COSHH surveys and assessments. We have a range of skills and qualifications to assure you of the highest standard of work.

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For more information on the asbestos services we have available, speak to Ledbury Surveys Ltd today. We can discuss all our services and make a quick booking to visit your property or provide a quote for any of our work. Call us today on 01684 303470 or 07738 246916 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.

Ledbury Surveys is a leading company for asbestos management surveys, asbestos testing and asbestos removal working in various locations across the UK. With 20 years of experience, we work closely and diligently with our clients to provide fast reporting of risk assessment, risk factors, potential maintenance and removal to ensure that both workplace and living environments are safe.
There are two primary types of asbestos survey: asbestos management survey and asbestos refurbishment and demolition survey

What is an asbestos management survey?

Asbestos Management Surveys – A non-intrusive inspection of locating and managing the presence of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). The asbestos management survey identifies the conditions and quantities of ACMs, which can result in asbestos testing in UKAS accredited laboratories and recommendations for asbestos removal from the building if required owing to poor condition of the material. Alternatively, they can establish whether routine maintenance and inspection are needed instead.
As part of the asbestos management survey report we detail the type, condition, location and extent of asbestos. Any recommendation and action that is required regarding management of asbestos or remedial procedures will be listed. It also states the locations that were not sampled or surveyed. Any spaces that were not accessed by the surveyor should be presumed to contain asbestos until proven otherwise.

What is an asbestos refurbishment and demolition survey?

Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys – This type of survey is mandatory for properties constructed prior to 2000 that are due for refurbishment or demolition before any demolition or structural alterations can begin. This applies to both domestic properties and commercial properties under the Construction (Design Management) Regulations 2015. Commercial properties are also subject to the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. Unlike Asbestos Management Surveys, Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys are greatly intrusive and damage to aspects of the property is almost guaranteed. Floors, ceilings, walls etc. will all need to be inspected. Any identified ACMs will then either be safely managed or removed. Therefore, the property must be vacated and owned by an individual or company prior to undertaking the survey.

Why do you need an asbestos survey?

Asbestos contains highly respirable fibres which, once released into the air, can cause life-threatening conditions and illnesses. Asbestos surveys are paramount to help prevent accidental release of asbestos fibres which can cause health risks, some which may potentially prove fatal in the long term, that are commonly associated with exposure to asbestos both to contractors undertaking works and the occupants of a building.

We offer efficient and expert management and removal of asbestos to ensure:

1. Everyone remains safe with the ongoing presence of ACMs in the building/s
2. The ACMs are not accidentally disturbed or damaged
3. To support with initially managing asbestos or whether corrective action is needed with either encapsulation or removal

When do you need an asbestos management survey?

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 states that buildings which fall under all 3 of the following categories must undergo an asbestos management survey:

1. Non-domestic premises. Duty holders are required to identify the location and condition of asbestos in non-domestic premises and to manage the risk to prevent harm to anyone who works on the building or to building occupants. Non-domestic premises includes the common parts of domestic premises.
2. The building was built before asbestos was banned in the UK in 1999 (essentially any property constructed pre-2000 would be required to have an asbestos survey)
3. The building has not previously undergone asbestos inspection

Domestic homeowners are not legally obliged to hold an asbestos management report for their homes, but we would strongly recommend that potential homebuyers undertake an asbestos management survey to identify future liabilities.

In addition, both domestic and commercial property owners who are planning any work under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 must undergo asbestos testing by means of an asbestos demolition / refurbishment survey. This is more invasive into the fabric of the building than an asbestos management survey and is legally required to identify potential risks to contractors. The time required to conduct the survey will depend on factors relating to the building, which include the age, size, occupancy and use of the building.

Why choose Ledbury Surveys for asbestos management surveys, testing and demolition?

With the wide range of services that we specialise in for asbestos surveys, testing and removal, you can trust us to take care of your property to ensure any asbestos is carefully managed or asbestos removal takes place where necessary. If you are unsure about whether you require a survey, contact us to find out how we can help you with your queries.