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Your local Asbestos Removals experts. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, the team here at Ledbury Surveys Ltd know everything there is to know about asbestos. The substance was once a popular building material until it was banned in the UK in 1999. As a result of breathing in the fibres, several health conditions have been caused changing peoples lives.

Our team provide professional surveys and asbestos removals to ensure that you and those around you are safe.

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Asbestos material was actively used in the construction industry up until it 1999 when it was banned due to health-related issues directly associated with this substance. There is a genuine requirement for Asbestos Testing in Cheltenham as there are numerous service industries in Cheltenham and government buildings which were established prior to the banning of asbestos in the UK in 1999. Therefore asbestos is still commonplace within commercial, industrial and residential properties. This is why it is crucial that professional guidance is sought out on Asbestos Testing, Asbestos Surveys and Asbestos Removal in Cheltenham.

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Why do you need an asbestos survey in Cheltenham and which survey should you get?

Any building built before 2000, it is a legal requirement for an Asbestos Survey to be in place especially before any construction work is undertaken. Our trained professionals can carry out an effective Asbestos Survey in Cheltenham. Samples are then taken and sent to UKAS accredited laboratories where it is analysed and tested. A detailed report is then produced documenting the required action points. Each survey conducted can vary in price and time taken subject to the building in question.

Asbestos Management Survey is a starting point and much needed requirement for a non-domestic building. Refurbishment/Demolition Surveys is needed if the scope of work you are planning exceeds the original survey. We follow strict guidelines when we carry out a survey as a lack of attention can result in unwanted asbestos fibres being released in the surrounding atmosphere. Our fully trained, time served BOHS surveyors, partner UKAS accredited laboratory and HSE licensed contractors can be trusted to safely undertake effective asbestos testing, surveys and asbestos removal in Cheltenham.

Why should you hire Ledbury Surveys Ltd for your asbestos testing in Cheltenham /asbestos removal in Cheltenham /asbestos survey in Cheltenham?

It is imperative that guidelines are strictly followed. Our experienced BOHS surveys and HSE Licences partner do just that. Our trained professionals are highly experienced and can offer affordable Asbestos Removal in Cheltenham. This means you can rely on us so that your property is managed correctly. Contact Ledbury Surveys todays if you require an Asbestos Survey in Cheltenham, Asbestos Testing in Cheltenham or an Asbestos Removal in Cheltenham.

Available Services

Staying safe in a property is always important, which is why removing harmful materials should be top of your list. We have offices in Ledbury, Hereford and Worcester and from these we can travel to a large area to provide surveys as well as asbestos removals Cheltenham.

Some of our key services include:

  • CDM (Construction Design Management) Co-ordinators
  • Demolition advice
  • Asbestos abatement
  • Contract supervision
  • Asbestos disposal
  • Bid and tender advice
  • Asbestos awareness training
  • Site safety audits and inspections
  • Site specific risk assessments
  • COSHH survey and assessment
  • Asbestos surveys
  • Health and safety reviews
  • Asbestos management plans
  • Asbestos removals
  • Cost and removal advice
  • Asbestos air testing
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How Dangerous is Asbestos?

According to the Health and Safety Executive, there are around 5000 workers’ deaths each year that are attributed to the inhalation of asbestos.  Even though use of this material was banned in buildings from 2000 onwards, there are still fibres present in numerous buildings across the UK. People are often aware of the health effects of breathing in these materials. There are several conditions with are caused as a direct result, but it could take years of decades for symptoms to show.

Lung Cancer

Asbestos-related lung cancer accounts for a small amount of cases of cancer of the lung. Other causes include smoking which makes up over 80% of instances.


Also a cancer, this impacts the lining of a lung and can also be found in the lower digestive tract. In almost all cases it is fatal.

Pleural Thickening

This typically happens after heavy exposure and results in a swelling and thickening of the pleura (lung). Over time this will cause discomfort and a shortness of breath.


Being exposed to fibres can cause this condition which cause shortness of breath and can become fatal.

Around the Cheltenham Area

Located on the edge of the popular Cotswolds region, the town of Cheltenham has a population of around 117,000 people. Over each year, several cultural events are held attracting many visitors including a music festival, literature festival, as well as famous horse racing events.

Regardless of what you are interested in, there will always be something for you to do. A few of the most popular places to explore include the Holst Birthplace MuseumPittville Park, as well as Sandford Parks Lido.

Our team can travel to Cheltenham and several surrounding areas including Montpellier, The Reddings, Charlton Kings, Prestbury, Swindon Village, Uckington and Bamfurlong.

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Importance of Surveys

If you suspect that there are fibres on your site, it is important to seek professional help and guidance. You should never touch any material that you are concerned about as this is extremely dangerous. Our team at Ledbury Surveys are able to provide assistance and can carry out a full survey of your site to determine where there are risks and what action needs to be taken.

The material can be found in several different buildings from small houses to sheds and churches. For anybody who has concerns, please feel free to get in contact with our team.