Asbestos Consultants In Weston On Avon

Ledbury Surveys Ltd have fully qualified asbestos consultants in Weston On Avon to provide advice regarding all asbestos issues. We deal with all different types of asbestos and offering a number of surveys, plans and removals, we treat every asbestos threat with complete professionalism, finding a fast solution for our clients.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry and 10 years providing consultancy and advice, you can depend on us for support and information regarding health and safety. Working in both commercial and domestic properties, you will be given a comprehensive service to minimise any safety risks in your building.

Asbestos Consultancy & Advice

As asbestos consultants in Weston On Avon, we have expert knowledge of the entire industry and can always give you advice for asbestos surveys and removals. Asbestos causes many risks and dangers within a property and if you think it could be present, a fast removal service should always be carried out. If your property is likely to contain asbestos containing materials, a survey must be completed. Asbestos surveys are used for several purposes including:

  • Condition of Asbestos-Containing Materials
  • Identifying Where Asbestos Is Present
  • Type of Asbestos

With our consultancy service, we can discuss the current condition of your property and whether a survey should be completed. Our team offer consultancy, surveys and removal in Weston On Avon, ensuring we can cater for all your needs and provide a fast solution to any asbestos issues. Even if asbestos is present, removals will not always be required as long as they are managed correctly.

Our asbestos consultants can always advise you on when surveys and removals are required. This will minimise any health risks and ensure your property is in great condition for any future construction.

Risks & Removals

Asbestos removals should always be completed by a qualified team adhering to all health and safety regulations. There are several different types of asbestos and identifying them and finding the right removal process will prevent any risks to your or your home. Asbestos could lead to severe lung conditions such as:

  • Asbestosis
  • Lung Cancer
  • Mesothelioma

With asbestos consultants in Weston On Avon, asbestos surveys and removals will be completed safely, identifying where asbestos is present and completing a suitable removal process.

Contact Us

If you would like to speak to our asbestos consultants in Weston On Avon, do not hesitate to contact Ledbury Surveys Ltd. We will always give you the advice you need and find a suitable time to complete any surveys or removals for your property. Call us now on 01684 303470 or 07738 246916 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.