What is Asbestos?

A Class 1 Human Carcinogen, Asbestos is a general term for 6 naturally occurring Silicates belonging to the Serpentine and Amphibole mineral classes.


Asbestos and The Risks

Asbestos material was often used in buildings, roofing, insulation, flooring and even sprayed on ceilings. It is now completely BANNED for use within the UK.


The Law

The Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012 is key piece of legislation that covers the prohibition of asbestos...


Areas We Cover

We specialise in providing asbestos surveys and removal to those who need it in and around the Birmingham and West Midlands area.


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Asbestos Removal in Banbury

Ledbury Surveys Ltd provide surveys and inspections to locate asbestos in any domestic, commercial or industrial properties.


Once the substance has been identified, we will always provide removal to ensure that your property is safe. With several years of experience in the industry, we ensure your property always meets all health and safety requirements.

Furthermore, you will always receive advice from our team. With a number of services available, we can always find the right option for you and your budget. Management plans can also be put in place to prevent it from becoming active and spreading throughout the property.

To find out more about the asbestos removal we offer, please do not hesitate to give us a call today on 01684 303 470.

Detailed Report

Surveys and Inspections

Before completing asbestos removal, we can complete surveys and inspections for all properties. Our surveys will contain a detailed report on the condition of your building. With testing and inspection also available, they will additionally include whether the mineral is present and where it is within your property. This will also offer advice on the solutions for your building if present.

Our surveys will inspect every area of your home, as we always want to leave your property in the best condition to prevent any future problems from occurring. Before its ban in 1999, the material could have been used for construction in many properties. If you are carrying out renovations or any construction work, you should always have surveys completed first to prevent anything from becoming active during construction.

Management plans

Reliable Advice

In addition, you will be advised on the best option for your needs. Both management plans and asbestos removal in Banbury are available. Management plans are suitable if the substance is not active. This will be put in place to prevent any future problem. Our removal is often the best option to ensure complete removed from your property. Therefore, it will not cause any issues regardless of future construction.

Removal will always be completed with the best industry equipment and by our fully qualified team. All asbestos will be removed and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, preventing any pollution from occurring. We always follow health and safety regulations and are qualified for non-licensed removals, assuring all clients that materials are removed safely.

With risk assessment and safety audits available for every property, you can always keep your property in great condition without any risks.

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Banbury & The Surrounding Areas

Banbury is a market town located in the county of Oxfordshire in England. With a population of over 46,000 people, it is a popular area among everyone who lives, works and visits. It is famous for having played an important role in the English Civil War and planning for battles was carried out in ‘The Reindeer Inn’. Ledbury Surveys Ltd are located close to this area, with easy access from the M40, and can always provide a quick response, visiting your property.

As a historic town, there are many points of interest. Some of the most famous attractions include Boughton Castle, Banbury Museum, People’s Park, Sulgrave Manor, Upton House and Gardens, and Farnborough Hall. There are many other landmarks throughout the town and the local area which are also fantastic for visiting.

Our aim is to be the first choice for all asbestos removal, as well as any other surveys, inspections or advice you require. Having always worked with clients in Banbury since our establishment over 20 years ago, we have provided many services here previously. We can always organise a suitable time to work with you, without a long waiting time.

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We have 20 years of experience in the industry, with 10 years being fully dedicated to asbestos health and safety. The fibrous material can cause many dangers and lead to several health problems. Our team will always meet NEBOSH health and safety requirements, ensuring your property is in a safe condition.

Our team have established a fantastic reputation and also built a great client base in Banbury and many of the surrounding areas. We always offer a customer-focused approach, ensuring that we meet all your requirements whilst fitting within your budget. We want to continue growing our client base and will work personally with every individual, offering you peace of mind over your property.

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